Thursday, 6 January 2011

ARTY magazine

I've been featured in Arty Magazine! 
I met Hannah Davis at Birmingham Zine Fair a few months ago, and after buying a copy of The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry she later rang me for a telephone interview. This particular issue focuses on zines - while Silkie is by far not the purest example of a zine, I hope it fits with the can-do/D.I.Y. attitude one finds in zine culture. :) I'm not used to being interviewed at all - I was quite nervous - but I had a pretty good chat with Hannah, mostly about the creative processes behind illustrating a story. I can't defend my dreamy ramblings, but Hannah did a great job and I'm proud to be included in the mag!

The most amazing thing about it is for me is being able to buy a copy of something I'm featured in from the Tate Modern bookshop, as I did yesterday. :) You can buy a copy from the Arty Magazine website, or in a lot of different shops in London and around the country (list of stockists here).

On a related note, the Whirlygig Folksy & Etsy shops should be restocked with Silkie books (and more!) soon.

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  1. omg congrats!! that is so awesome. :) i hope you get featured in a lot more things in the future.

    btw, thanks for following my catblog. i had completely forgotten that you use Blogger. :)