Monday, 14 October 2013

Little Valkyrie - screen print

I've completed a new screen-print..! It's inspired by fantasy, the love of books, and Norse legend. :) It features the sun, moon and stars, ravens, the branches of the legendary ash-tree Yggdrasil, a book featuring a serpent on the back cover, and a little Valkyrie with a fantastic hat.

(click thumbnails for larger/higher quality pics)

If you'd like your own Valkyrie to hang on your wall, take a quick look at the Whirlygig folksy shop. :)

Next up: making more books and probably some Christmas cards! If you haven't already, try following my twitter account for more updates.


  1. Lovely print, Jane! On the topic of Norse legend: have you ever read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? Worth a whirl.

    Also, I want to buy a book! How does?!

  2. (sorry for the late reply, I tried to reply the other night but it seems like Blogger ate it. :( I was really tired so maybe I pressed "Sign Out" instead of publish...)

    But yes, hullo and thank you! :) I haven't read AG but have several friends who say I should, so on the list it goes.

    I would be utterly delighted if you bought a book. :) I have some more book codices pressing at the moment, which I'm going to finish binding this coming Friday if I get the chance. One or two will go in the online shop, but I always can put one aside for you when they're finished, and we sort it out directly if you decide that you'd still like one. :)