Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New Book: Twa Corbies

After having it in my mind for ages whilst juggling other projects and commissions, I've had a little chunk of time recently to complete my latest personal project, Twa Corbies, which I posted initial doodles for back in February. It's based on a folk song from the Scottish Borders and takes a wry look at mortality, with the narrator in my own adaptation arriving in the form of a hare. I've more copies to stitch together in the next week, but here are the first few, fresh from being bound, trimmed and pressed. :)

Twa Corbies will, appropriately, be making its debut in Scotland at the Edinburgh International Book Festival "Stripped" mini comic fair on 24/25 August. :) Expect an update in the next day or so about more summer/autumn 2013 events I'll be attending!

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