Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer bloggin' ... Part One: Indietracks

Hello all! A bit of a life-y blog-post, this, but why not?

As it happens, my birthday occurred this year right before Indietracks festival in Derbyshire; after going for the first time last year I definitely wanted to go again; the fact it was over my birthday weekend this year made it extra good! :) It's a smallish festival, and as it's indiepop even the headliners are bands many people haven't heard of. But it is so relaxed and I left feeling tired but happy - and having heard lots of amazing music, some familiar and a lot that was completely new to me. I miss it already - can't wait for next year.

Because I want to clutch onto the memories that feel like both yesterday and months ago (but were actually a week ago now), I thought I'd post a few of my pics here - I didn't take many, but here's a few just for a taste (maybe I should post a few from last year?). And a few sketches of Indietracks-goers, too!

Did I mention one arrives at the festival via steam train? :)

...and what other festival has an eagle owl propping up the bar? :) Bet he went for one of the fancy real ales... the "Poet's Pippin" cider was my choice. Wonderfully tangy and appley.

Aaaaand some sketches! The top one's actually from a train journey back from London (to catch up with the lovely Lou), but the rest are a few scribbles done whilst reclining on a picnic blanket at Indietracks and watching people go by. :)

Lastly -  although I didn't spend much time in Derby, this has to be my favourite thing that I saw in the city. Who doesn't love Henry?

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. A busy rest-of-the-summer (and probably autumn) is planned...! Had MCM Expo in Manchester on the 20th, which was wild and wonderful and very, very busy. More events lined up... keep an eye on my Twitter if you can, and I will post updates soon. :)

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