Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New things

Okay, so I've a couple of events coming up at the end of May - MADE fair in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday the 29th, and hopefully MCM London Expo on Saturday 28th too - so I've got extra incentive to work on creating something new! I hope to have one or two new things to take there, but here's a glimpse of what I'm doing just now.

I confess: the subject matter of this one is dreams, a self-indulgent topic if ever there was one! But it's simple and gives me the opportunity to be a little playful. I'm having fun with it so far.


  1. The colours in the top illustration are lovely :)

  2. the first illustration immediately made me think of the artwork by Fuwafuwa. li that i used for one of my lj themes... don't ask me why.

    made me wish i had money to commission you to do some webgfx for me...! D':